Math Summer Assignments

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Assignments for Summer 2019

  • Summer Skills Review for Mathematics

    Morris County School of Technology


    In order to prepare for beginning a new math course in September, students should access the appropriate review below and familiarize themselves with each of the listed skills using any resources that are available.  Sample links have been provided, but are not meant to be the only source for review. There are many online sources for learning and practicing math, such as Khan Academy, youtube, purplemath, mathisfun and mathbits, and your local library should also have review books for every course of mathematics.


    Students will be expected to recall these skills quickly and accurately as they appear in new material.  It is up to the student to determine what method of review works best for him/her. Some suggestions are as follows:

    • review each topic online and practice examples until successful
    • take notes on each topic and include examples to use as a reference throughout the coming school year
    • make slides or notecards of important terms and properties and flip through these at regular intervals
    • make a google doc or chart of the topics and put examples of each with worked out solutions.


    Please note that with the exception of AP Calculus, there is NOT a written assignment required and there will NOT be a grade assigned for this summer review.  The academic benefits of this review will be inherent in the classwork and assessments assigned throughout the mathematics course.